Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oregon Autumn Parade

         This is totally latest blog in history! I'am so sorry guys :( But let me tell you how it went and oh man, you will see who was in my tent!! Oregon, was a totally a great show. The people were very nice, There was so many people there I couldnt belive it  I mean shoulder to shoulder packed. Saturday was great weather.  And right now I'am really thinking about added some new stuff to may shows.We had sweaters and T-shirts Sold like crazy!! We had about 16 of them ,and by Sunday we had 2 or 3! So differently something that I'am going to keep making!

Sunday was a rainy day ,but it only rained every now and then. But it kinda worked for us.It was a little cold but, not to bad...when you were drinking coffee and eating a hot mean. The tent has sides so we kept dry. I was lucky because I got right in front of the parade . It was a great to see everthing in the parade.. They had this awesome shows, these guys from Chicago..their show was amazing! You could hear them coming, this beat pop music playing. I never heard that in a parade before  And when we could see them. I was freaking fanstic!! It was a drill team!! The boys in front were spinning thir guns, and throwing them in the air. It was so awesome to see. Then they all were moving it and dancing! They have some killer skills! Then before you knew it, there are some kids coming next to this tumbling sign van. When they were in front of us the van stopped and you see these guys run and flip right on top of the fan, the another one..and 5 more! I was just to to awesome. I was like..Right on man!! And even though the rain was pouring.. so many people stayed there, I thought that was just awesome and now I know why they stayyed!

Well... now you ask who was in my tent you...I was star struck when I saw... Louise, from the show "Get out a live" . Her dad and her won on the show! I didn't notice any thing and then it clicked... That made my day... The best thing was she bought a necklace from me >.< Right on!!! Too cool.It was a fun show and I will be back there next year for sure!!

I'am sorry this post was so late.. I will post more.. Thanks for reading.

Rock on my friends

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