Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tea anyone??

Do you want so tea??

This icky winter weather is getting annoying..I told it to go..bye bye..but of course..not listening...

Lately I have been in the barn working on my book..but when it starts to aggravate me, I need something else to go and work on..and I just didnt know what to do...theres always the same oh same oh..but I wanted something to make this winter seem not so boring..Then I found my teacups.. Before I knew it I was cutting them up..gluing, and busted out the treasure goodies.. and then this is what I came up with..


  I love them! And how fun they are! ..If you dont know..I love love love my tea cups! I have been collecting them since I dont know when..And now you can use them more then just drinking out of..

 So they are half of a tea cup, added to a lovely plate, which makes them useful in so many ways.

 You could use them in your office to add a more charming, loving touch..they can hold really anything..from pens, pencils, too your cell phone... BUT are also The prefect touch for the home..for some ideas, you can put them in the kitchen to hold keys, this and that small the living/dinning room, too the bedroom, to the bathroom..they can hold soaps, razors, rings, earrings,, toothpaste, floss, tooth brushes..even incense for them stinky husbands or know what I mean.. : D  

They can hold plants great for the inside of home and the outside as well..I can already see some all over the barn : D 

One of my favs and just loved how it turned out..I think my cousin Beth was going to run off with it LOL

They are just so great and add such that sweet touch. And I had to add all of the Marie touches to them, to make them really POP out with all the pretty treasure pieces.. to make one of a kind.. Either a way to treat yourself with a lovely piece of bohemian chic or pass it on as a gift they wont forget. Too the ones who love to collect plates..what do you think bout this plate?? I have so much fun making these..and I love everyone of them..

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New things!!

So lately I have been up to some writing! I have been writing up directions to the pattern of my new dolls that I have been making.... .. heres what im thinking for the look and style..

I want the book to be something fun and different from the other books that you see. This is just one of the pages. I have had fun making this book! It has detailed directions from head to toe of how to make the new dolls. They are kid friendly and just fun to make. You can make that personal doll for a friend, family member, or even for yourself. 
I thought that this would be something good and fun and something new for me too. 

Aren't they cute and funky?
This is the doll that is in the book and what you will be making. And just think she would be your own. : ) Something you can say..hey, I made this ; ) The dresses are change able so you could even make different dresses for your doll! How cute right!?! What do you think? Would you get the book?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This ICKY Weather!

  Ohhh what a long winter it has been and sadly its not even over. I'm not a fan of winter and its coldness, its been bad around here. Schools have been shut down to negative weather even stores. I don't think I have ever been around -40 before! Its definitely not Florida weather!! But off with the icky Illinois weather... 

    On the Other hand. Been spending a lot of family and friend time (and all nice and warm next to the fire and of course while spinning) I have been doing a lot of working and playing in the barn. (mostly playing)..I want to try new things for this coming year and boy do I have some interesting things happening in my mind : ) Gotta get ready right? When it comes to Playing and trying new things out is what I like to do! I like to see where I can take myself and what I can do with my art projects..I have been adding some new stuff to my Esty Site too.. (some pictures down below) and I must say it has been so awesome, because I Just hit 12,645 favorites I got so excited and I still m!! 2013 has been really great for me and the shop and I must say thank you thank you! If it wasn't for you guys it wouldn't happen! So on that note lets add some cool pics of whats been going on and some details.. And as always my safe, have fun, craft on and of course get your rock on.... 

                               This is one of my hand dyed wool, spun with all kinds goodies... Man I love spinning, so relaxing and always some good doll hair! Or other I have this lady who buys my yarn and makes                                          them into dreads. I like her kinda thinking..
                       If you don't know this is a Drum Carder. Somethings I get a little bored in the shop                                  and I just looked over and say my carder...and I thought to myself.. It needs something..
                             This is a mermaid doll that I have finished. She was fun to make and of course I                                                love my mermaids. : ) She is posted on Esty if you want to check her out
                   She is a little different.. I wanted to play with some yarn and before I knew it she was born! She                                                         is also on Esty..I believe... : )
                           She is one of my favorites.. She lights up! Like I said, I like seeing where I can take                                                          myself.. She is too cool. I like how she turned out

I wanted to try something a little different and I like the way she turned out. She is posted on esty if you want to know more about her

 I love this yarn!! and of course to white..she is all dyed and colorful now : )

                    I wanted to try stamping with spoons. I liked how they turned out but my thumbs and others                                 who...tired to help..their fingers too.. lol I don't know about these guys
This was really fun. Here is Harley My little cousin. She is 15 and as you can tell isn't to tall. She has turners. She is only 4'9. Her clothes shopping is hard to do because most of everything was to tight or way to big. SO I told her come to the barn and we will have so fun. I showed her how to so shape, cut, iron, trim, the whole 9 yards.. She took on like a pro and before I knew it she was doing pair of pants after pants. She is the cutest and she had so much fun and so did I.. I love you Harley!!

Spending some more time with family and friends this is my friends Jills beautiful work! She is a felting queen. She has some beautiful work from scarfs to hats to purses you name it. I love this scarf all the colors and flowers.. you rock Jill and if you are interested and want to know more, its posted on my esty page.. Go check it out!
  These are something new...well not new but newly put on esty... These are some Hand Dyed carder roving's..They have being selling really good on esty!! I was surprised..didnt think really anyone would and            then they are selling like crazy!! all of them are and more are on my Esty If you want to know more..
                                                          This one is "Ocean blues" ^
                                                                "Smurf to da poo" ^
                                                                   "Squirl steew" ^
                                                                      "What a booty"^

                              And I found this on facebook and I have to share it cause its so true!!!
There is a lot more but I didn't want to make this super long. So go and check out the Esty store and keep updated on my facebook group page! Thanks guys for reading! : )