Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New things!!

So lately I have been up to some writing! I have been writing up directions to the pattern of my new dolls that I have been making.... .. heres what im thinking for the look and style..

I want the book to be something fun and different from the other books that you see. This is just one of the pages. I have had fun making this book! It has detailed directions from head to toe of how to make the new dolls. They are kid friendly and just fun to make. You can make that personal doll for a friend, family member, or even for yourself. 
I thought that this would be something good and fun and something new for me too. 

Aren't they cute and funky?
This is the doll that is in the book and what you will be making. And just think she would be your own. : ) Something you can say..hey, I made this ; ) The dresses are change able so you could even make different dresses for your doll! How cute right!?! What do you think? Would you get the book?