Monday, September 30, 2013

This Fall Weather!!


   I'am falling in love with the weather right now! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, the colors, the weather and of course Halloween! I'am Excited about the new scarfs that will be out soon. Seeing how its fall weather, scarfs are coming back and I have so many new Ideas! This is the time that I cant keep scarfs in stock, So I'am coming up with a little bit of everything for everyone! Some will be Nuno Felted with different designs, my scarfs are hand dyed, 100% silk, with hand dyed wool that I felt together, to make a beautiful piece! Then I have some other silk scarfs that come in many, many

We have some shows coming up so I know we got to get them scarfs made. But some other new items I have are some fall inspired jewelry and some new dolls!  To find some of my scarfs and dolls check them out at  I wanted to post a couple of different pictures to give you ideas!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Greenwich Village Art Fair

Last weekend was a blast at the Greenwich Village Art Fair.We had this show Saturday and Sunday on the 14th and 15th Rockford, IL. Everyone was so nice, I loved how they would come and check on us! they asked if we wanted anything, if we are hungry or need a break. We had free food and breakfast too. We had the greatest experience and we will diffidently be going back next year! The weather on Saturday was perfect, sunny 70's..Perfect! On Sunday it was a rainy day and a little chilly out. 
We didn't think that we would see any body with this weather. But! We had our first customer come in right at opening and she got $130 in Art Yarn! it was so great totally made our day! Then we had this lady come up and she saw my Mermaid doll  and was like Ill take that. Well alright you really made our day! lol it was just fun even with the rain! We did really good at this show, a truly great experience and I cant wait for next year!! 

I couldn't of done it without my cousin Beth! She is a hard worker,she is so helpful, and just a fun person! Thank You thank You!!
Me and Her make the best team ever. Its totally great having her along with me. You rock girl!


I cant believe it! But I'am in the NorthWest Quarterly! I'm so happy.. It was really great to get the phone call and to answer all her questions, I was really nervous, and when I got the magazine I was even more happier!! It was really great to read and see what they wrote and I loved it. My mom went a little crazy about me being in but that's my mom and I will always love her. I think I'am finally going to where I want to be. I really love doing my art, and that's all I want to do. It has been a long journey and I'am ready to share my art with everyone. I get told a lot at shows that My Dolls can become so much more. Like Anime figures, or cartoon figures for movies and shows in so many different ranges. I cant count how many people have told me that. It gets me very excited to hear that from people. And Believe me I'am working on it! 
We always have people coming in and loving all the dolls that they see. Big smiles and just in shock of the detail that I put into them... and no im not exaggerating with that either.. They really do!
That feeling is the greatest! It feels nice to have people come in and love your art, and tell you how talented I'am. Now trying to get big is the next step but its hard to know what step is the right one. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This blog is such a pain! I looked at the blog set up and it looked funny to me. So I worked on it and nothing was working.. I was defiantly frustrated with it..but whatever I;am working on it and I think it looks a little better?? maybe I don't know..

Up Coming Show This Weekend

Hey there my blog viewers! I'm excited for this weekends show! The show is the 65th Greenwich Village Art Fair at the Rockford Art Museum! This 14th and 15th you should totally come and see us there! (of course if you are the Rockford, IL area.) The times are Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5 on the grounds of Rockford Art Museum at Riverfront Museum Park, 711 N. Main St., Rockford. The tickets are $3 in advance or $5 at the gate. Children 12 and under are free. It is going to be a big so and I'am hoping for the best. It is so great though that I have my cousin Beth. She is such a big help with all the shows. I don't know how I could do the shows by myself. Thank you Thank you. I'am hoping that this show goes better then the last one we did. It was so hot and nasty out, it wasn't fun. We didn't do the greatest either but I'am sure it was because of the weather. 

Sorry for the lack of post but it has been very busy lately. Lots of shows coming up and seeing how its almost the holidays its definitely  going to be busy..well at lease I hope. Lots of new items are being added to my to do list. I wanted to play around with my sowing machine with all the fabric I have around I gotta do something with it! And what came out of it was just to awesome. 

I'am so excited about these! A lot of people loved them! It was really fun to make this one, the lace is from a old wedding dress : D Its so comfy, I love the sleeves and I even put a hood on it. I love love love these! I can't wait for winter to wear these because I hate wearing jackets.(Well I can wait lol) And these guys are definitely are warm enough. I have made more of these but this one is the only one that I have a picture of. This one is up on my Esty store. I belive that its in both SpilledPaint and my other one Mariestreasurechest.