Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Update! Some fun we are having in the shop

        Well nice to see you guys again.. or more like nice to write to you again! lol .The last project that we have working on is some pipe cleaner fairy's. They are fun to make...if you  don't mind your fingers getting burned from the hot glue! And getting glitter literary all over the place! lol If your not sure what I'am talking about, they are pipe cleaners and porcelain doll heads, and arms. The pipe cleaners get sized and hot glued into the head and arms. Then we use fabric, flowers and well what ever you want.. We like using a lot of glitter.. No fairy is complete without glitter!You will have glitter on you and everywhere else for a day or week lol. But seeing how it does get every, having a glitter throwing party is always fun too.. Specially on men cause its like magical! lol

     I wish that I would of thought about it and took some pictures. But of course I didn't. That blows right. My mind, well its always thinking and on the go. Some times it forgets..many things lol.. I do have a next show where they will be at so you can get a better look if you would like to see them and all my other goodies too!! This show is at St.Anthony's Craft Fair! Its on November 15, in Rockford, IL.
I don't think the info will be posted on there right now, If I can Find the info on it check back here and it will be posted.

This weekend we are going to have a blast!! There is 6 of us going to the Freak Fest, in Madison, WIS! Its this Saturday and I cant wait! We have a Mad hatter, Queen of hearts, Alice, and of course Mr. Rabbit of course! Then you have my sister and her ugh girlfriend? lol just kidding my sister and her boyfriend are going as Rapunzel and her night.. the twist is My sister is the night and Mr.boyfriend is going as Rapunzel lol! We are going to have a blast and I know we will for sure!! I'am so glad that the boys are letting us torching them lol.. I will post the site for Freak Fest down below! And BE sure that I will be posting the pictures on here of our fun night!! Thanks for reading guys!! Right on you guys rock!http://redrodger.com/madison-freakfest-2013-halloween-information/  <<< The Link I don't know why its coming up white?!?!!?

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